To get acquainted with the main characteristics of dryers, read this guide!

Drying type

There are two types of drying: condensation and ventilated. In condenser type dryers, the moisture is removed into a special water container, so air extraction is not required. Ventilated tumble dryers have an air vent. Almost all tumble dryers now use the condensation method.


The maximum amount of laundry in kilograms that can be placed in the dryer. It ranges from 6 to 10 kilograms.

Energy class

Indicates how economically the dryer will operate. The most economical class is A+++, the standard class is A, while class G consumes the most electricity.

Control and display

Control panel type

There are mechanical, electronic and touch control panels. The mechanical panel allows you to control the dryer with switches, the electronic panel – with buttons, and the touch panel – with touches.

Facilitates the use of the dryer, as it indicates the programs and their cycles, the remaining time and other functions depending on the model. At the moment, almost all dryers are equipped with a display.

Display type
There are LED, LCD, and TFT displays. The most popular are LCD (liquid crystal) and LED displays, in turn, TFT displays, where each pixel has its own transistor, are practically not used anymore.

Programs and features

Number of programs

Indicates how many programs the dryer offers. This number usually ranges from 12 to 19. There are also functions such as for mixed laundry, quick, for towels, etc.

steam function
Helps to prepare for ironing those clothes that indicate that they can only be cleaned in dry cleaning.
gentle drying
Provides the ability to dry clothes at a low temperature. Suitable for delicate fabrics (wool, silk, sportswear, underwear).
Easy ironing program
This program gently dries the laundry, thus reducing wrinkling and ensuring that ironing is much easier. The result will be even better if this program is also installed in the washing machine.
Anti-crease program
The program prevents the laundry from creasing during the drying process. Suitable, for example, for blouses or shirts.

Delay start
Allows you to set the time when the laundry will start drying.

Extra options

Internal illumination
Automatically turns on as soon as the dryer door is opened, thus making it easier to take out the laundry.
Noise level
Specified in decibels (dB). 15 dB correspond to whisper, 50 to 60 dB to conversation, 85 dB to traffic noise. For dryers, this parameter ranges from 61 to 69 decibels.
Although by and large the dryers are white, some of their parts are silver, gray, black, metallic and other colors, which allows the device to match the interior.
Despite the fact that the dimensions of the dryers differ little, it is worth paying attention to this parameter to make sure that the device can be installed exactly where you want.
Special marks
Dryers have other functions, for example, changing the direction of rotation of the drum, a drying sensor, etc. But these functions are called differently by each manufacturer.

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