Created in compliance with all the rules of Feng Shui, the bedroom has a special attraction and magic. Entering this room, every time you plunge into the atmosphere of exciting sensuality, relaxation and complete security.

1- it is during sleep that we restore our strength;
2- in a dream we spend one third of our life;
3- in most cases here we make love;
4- in the bedroom we want to hide from problems and troubles.

We recommend that you start decorating your bedroom in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui with the most general cleaning, and even better – with cosmetic repairs. Make sure that the room does not have stains on the walls or ceiling, so that all wallpaper is well adhered to the surfaces.

All light bulbs in the chandelier must be working, and the chandelier itself must be clean. In the case when, due to constant employment, you do not have time to regularly clean, then do not install a chandelier of complex design in the room or with shades, where dust or insect corpses constantly accumulate. Such a chandelier will not only not decorate the interior, but will also become a constant source of negative Sha energy.

After cleanliness has been established, it is necessary to audit your closet. Most likely, there are many things in it that you have not worn for a long time. We must get rid of them without regrets! Remember that following the rules of Feng Shui is aimed at improving your well-being. When you store bedding or old clothes “for a rainy day”, then with such thoughts you will not be able to achieve the desired material well-being. In such clothes stored and carefully stored by you, Sha accumulates, which prevents the free flow of Qi.

Bedside tables of square and rectangular shapes should have rounded edges. Bedside tables and tables standing near the bed should not be higher than the mattress, because. interferes with the free access of Qi to you during sleep.

Tables and bedside tables in the bedroom should not be cluttered with anything (even your favorite magazines or perfumes). Hide everything in closed lockers, on the surface, put a talisman corresponding to this zone. An excellent source of vital qi is a vase with fresh flowers.

All furniture in the bedroom, especially the bed, must be in good condition. The location of the bed is also important in Feng Shui. It is good if the head of the bed is located against the wall, and at the same time, each of the spouses has free access to the bed.

The door in the bedroom should not slam from drafts, and the hinges on it should not creak. Such harsh and unpleasant sounds are sources of Sha.

The bed is reflected in the mirror. In this case, you kind of duplicate your pair with another one, i.e. you may have mistresses and lovers. If the bed cannot be rearranged, be sure to remove the mirror.

You sleep with your feet to the door. At the same time, associations with the deceased arise on a subconscious level. In such a spatial position, you will not be able to fully relax, and you may have problems conceiving heirs. When the bed cannot be moved, you can put a pretty screen between the bed and the door.

You sleep with your feet or head towards the toilet. The legs and head are entry points for energy, and Sha currents are transmitted from the toilet. You say that it is impossible to put the bed in a different way? Then place a crystal between the bed and the wall.

“Dangerous shooters” are aimed at your bed. If it is impossible to rearrange the bed, the “arrows” can be neutralized by climbing plants.

The head of the bed is located by the window. At the same time, the energies that enter your house through the window do not have time to harmonize and distribute into harmful (which are later neutralized with the help of Feng Shui) and good. They immediately fall on your head. Again, if the bed cannot be rearranged, then put a vase of fresh flowers on the windowsill, a crystal, or hang a “dream catcher”.

If you and your life partner sleep on different beds, even shifted, or on the same bed, but on different mattresses, then you should not count on a long family life, and your intimate life will also fade away. There is only one way out – to sleep together on one large mattress or on one bed.

It is not recommended to sleep on the direct path of energy flow (on the straight section of the bedroom between the door and the window). At the same time, you find yourself on the “high road”, where various energy flows diverge and meet, which enter through the door and window. It is necessary to put large objects or protective screens that will block the path of these flows.

When decorating rooms according to the principles of Feng Shui, crystals, large objects or flowers are used to disperse continuous energy flows. If this is not done, then not all areas of the rooms will be able to be washed with beneficial flows of Qi.

Do not forget about the cleanliness of the windows – after all, it is through clean glass that the beneficial energy of Qi flows into the house. Window sills should also be clean, it’s good if they have live plants or crystals on them.

If your bedroom has a large carpet, we recommend purchasing a washing vacuum cleaner.

In general, cleaning your home should be as comfortable as possible, because. In the cleaning process, your good mood is very important.

For many families, a housekeeper is an excellent way out so as not to waste energy on cleanliness. However, she will not be able to convey to your beloved home the beneficial energy that all members of your family need. At least clean the children’s room and bedroom on your own.

In order for Yin to prevail in the bedroom, it is better to use calm, soft colors in the interior of this room.