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Everyone would probably agree that the kitchen is one of the most important corners of the house. Morning coffee and delicious breakfast, hearty lunch after the day’s work and dinner cooked together with the family – the most important everyday moments are spent here. Still, when you spend so much time in one room, looking at the same design day after day is pretty boring. A great way to bring a breath of fresh air into your kitchen is with an updated design and kitchen furniture. Do it yourself – ideas and interior tips are waiting for you here!

What kitchen details can you update yourself?

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If you have decided to renovate the dining room, an updated image of the room and kitchen furniture. The DIY method is a great way to get the kitchen of your dreams without a big budget. It is also not necessary to be an interior designer – you will create the most beautiful kitchen after taking into account your wishes and needs. However, if you don’t know where to start, our carefully prepared tips will help you not get lost.


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Interior specialists will confirm that the changed color of the walls will decorate the kitchen no less than the updated kitchen furniture. For those who follow the DIY method and want to change the look of their kitchen, it is recommended to first look at the desired wall decoration. Consider your preferences and think about which design you like the most – ceramic tiles or wallpaper? Or maybe natural wood or stone slabs that give a modern look? Also, when choosing the most suitable materials, think about the meanings of the colors. Tones of different shades will contribute to the atmosphere of the kitchen, so if you choose calm, pastel tones, you will never beg for it. However, match them to the overall design of the kitchen. The most important part of renovating the kitchen walls is their accurate measurement, thanks to which you will be able to purchase the necessary amount of materials for the renovation of the room.

The floor

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The kitchen floor is one of the key elements of this room, so how the kitchen furniture will look depends on the coating. Do it yourself – renovating the floor really doesn’t require much effort. First, take a look at the various floor covering options. Most often, customers renovating their kitchen prefer laminate, ceramics and natural stone. The choice of material depends on your budget, so think about how much you can spend in advance. Note that when planning a floor renovation, it is recommended to purchase more material, as some parts may break during the renovation.

If the installation of a new floor requires the removal of the old floor, then arrange for the removal of the materials and sustainable disposal. And after removing the floor, be sure to check if there are any visible signs of mold. Do not touch the kitchen furniture, which should be covered with protective films during work – you do not want to spend your free time cleaning dust. Also, think about whether the color of the floor will match the overall image of the kitchen. Simply combine the floor with the color of the walls and furniture – this way you will create a perfect interior design.


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When we think about renovating the kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchen cabinets. This is perhaps the most likely to renew kitchen furniture. DIY – If the surfaces of the cabinets have faded, repaint them in a different color. However, don’t forget to consider the shade you choose and how the surface of the cabinet will react with the ingredients in the paint. And if you don’t want to paint, you can use various adhesive films and thus renovate the furniture. The films glued on the surfaces of the cabinets can be of various colors and ornaments, so combine them with the kitchen environment.

The second way is to change the doors of the cabinets and thus give modernity to the interior of the kitchen. Third, turn the cabinets into an interior detail and change their handles. When following these tips, remember to measure the cabinet accurately. Of course, if the old ones get bored, you can replace them with new ones. But do not forget the measurements of the space, which will help you understand whether the renovated cabinet will fit a new teapot or a loved one toaster.


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A modern sink is a great way to liven up a kitchen environment. If the surface of the sink is difficult to clean, has clearly visible cracks, or you are simply sick of the design of the sink, look for new solutions. Pay attention to the desired material and color – perhaps a classic pastel or a modern black sink would be more suitable for your kitchen? When you find a sink that meets your expectations, take your time – first measure the old sink so that the new one fits the parameters. Then carefully install the sink according to the attached instructions. Also, take care of its long-term care, this way you will ensure the long-term operation of the kitchen sink.

Kitchen appliances

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Upgrading appliances is one of the best examples of how quickly and creatively kitchen furniture can be updated. The DIY approach to this step is extremely helpful, as it’s really easy to find interesting gadgets yourself. The most important step is to look at the “expiry date” of your household appliances. No matter how high quality your device is, the electronics industry has yet to create a device that lasts forever. If many years have passed since the purchase of the refrigerator, it is recommended to purchase a new one. Also, consider the size of the kitchen and the dimensions of new appliances. Or maybe you want to liven up the interior of the kitchen? An original, colorful cafe or juicer.


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If the lamp in the kitchen is already tired, it’s time to replace it with a new one. By matching the appropriate hood to the interior of the room, you will create a unique kitchen atmosphere. Also take care of subtle background lighting, which will be provided by LED panels. However, before installing the right kitchen lighting, consider what tone of light you like best. Classic yellow is much warmer, but modern white also has its own beauty. Of course, it is important not to overdo it, the most important thing is the mood created by the lighting and a clear image – when cooking dinner for the family, you will definitely want to see clearly what the readings are showing kitchen scales.


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To update the kitchen, don’t limit yourself to the furniture – consider the decorations as well. First, pay attention to the walls of the kitchen, maybe there are empty areas that you can fill with decorations? Warm family photos, original decorative plates or a heartwarming picture are perfect for this.

If the kitchen has windows, match new curtains or blinds to the interior design. Don’t forget the floor either, because any kitchen would be enlivened by a one-of-a-kind vintage rug, a rare plant or an interesting figurine found at a flea market. Another suitable place for decorations is the kitchen cabinets, which are enlivened by a bouquet of colorful flowers or a unique kitchen appliance. For example, a very fashionable purchase is modern popcorn machinenot only renewing the design, but also delighting the family with delicious snacks.

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so we have to take care of it properly. We hope that our carefully selected tips will help you understand the impact of updated interior design and kitchen furniture on your beloved room. With the do-it-yourself method on the rise, we’re sure you’ll be able to create the kitchen of your dreams on your own. And you can always find various furniture and interior details for design renewal in the kitchen furniture section of our online store.