The selection of window textiles for the kitchen requires compliance with certain rules:

I recommend curtains on swivel cornices for the kitchen.

They do not need to be pulled – just open like shutters.

Such cornices can be bought in online stores.

Their only drawback is that they are not suitable for wide windows.

But such a cornice will come in handy above the balcony door.

As for the STRAIGHT WINDOWS, curtains up to the window sill are very practical, which, if desired, can be drawn and close the entire window.

If the window is located away from the working surface of the kitchen, then you are absolutely free to choose the model and length, choosing what matches the style of the kitchen.

AUSTRIAN CURTAINS covering the upper part of the window proved to be excellent in a classic interior.

For drapery, fabrics made of synthetic veil and gauze-like in structure are most suitable.

Avoid the temptation to decorate the kitchen window with taffeta or polyester curtains – grease stains easily appear on them.aboutrye cannot be deduced.

In addition, taffeta is very sensitive to water and, after the spray dries, leaves halos on it.

Although, for a lambrequin, remote from work surfaces, taffeta is a winning solution. Especially if used in a model with lush draperies.

Speaking of LAMBREQUIN. In the kitchen, it may well become a self-sufficient decoration of the window opening. Actual for apartments located above the third floor.

For the interior of the kitchen, such a lambrequin is most acceptable, which is easy to wash and then iron. Therefore, it is better to give preference to direct models (without a warehouse) or assembled on a braid (it can be dissolved, and then pulled off again).

A popular technique for designers is to combine a pelmet in the kitchen with Roman blinds.


Laconic ROMAN CURTAINS are favorites of designers. Their smooth canvases can be a modest addition to the interior of the kitchen, but they can also become a key design element – it all depends on the goal.

Curtains are simply fixed at a certain level during the day, and by the evening, they are lowered to their full length.


VIETNAMESE CURTAINS are more stationary – it is extremely inconvenient to roll them up in the morning and unfold them in the evening.

Therefore, this option of window decor is fixed at a convenient height once. And it is not at all necessary that the lower level of all curtains coincide.

Its graduated arrangement will give the interior dynamics and originality.

The same is true of the Romans.


For both types of curtains, I recommend abandoning solid wide canvases in favor of narrow ones. Optimally from 50 to 70 cm.

Break the width of the window into equal parts (if the glass is solid) or clearly according to the width of each individual section.

Roman and Vietnamese curtains are more suitable for natural materials, and their laconic design makes them an indispensable creator of comfort even in such a demanding room as the kitchen.

HORIZONTAL BLINDS made of aluminum will be appropriate in the interior of an urban kitchen.

Despite the fact that now there are systems that practically merge with the window frame, I recommend using them only if the window is located at a respectful distance from the work surface.

Well, the classic system, fixed in the opening, is very convenient and easy to use. It is easy to remove, clean and re-attach.

Do you think VERTICAL BLINDS look too cold or formal? This is a general misconception.

Yes, monotonous light textures of some samples are created specifically for offices. But why focus on them?

There are many other options. For example, mesh fabrics that mimic natural linen. They are quite transparent, light, but at the same time they are so homely and, importantly, they are easy to clean.

If this option does not fit into your plans, then why not choose lamellas of bright colors for the kitchen (up to alternation of colors) or order a color print. So your kitchen will acquire its unique character in one decision.

From the same fabrics, FABRIC ROLLERS are also offered for sale.

Roller blinds are laconic, like Roman ones, practical, like blinds and decorative, like classic ones. You can choose the right color and order the design of the curly edging.

Models with a closed box are most suitable for the kitchen, in which the folded curtain is protected from fat floating in the air.

When it comes to cleaning, you just have to clean the dirty places with a sponge and detergent. But most roller blinds are already available with a protective water and dirt-repellent coating.

ROLLWOOD CURTAIN is actually made from bamboo.

A roll tree is a canvas of thin bamboo slats and rods, fastened together with interlacing threads.

They have a stylish look fit almost everyone

interior variations, made from natural material and convenient to operate.

Search the Internet for a decent manufacturer and you will be offered a choice of canvases painted and in natural color. For the interior of the kitchen in the style of hi-tech, urbanism, techno, curtains made of roll fabric with metallized threads are suitable.

ADVICE: Whatever your preferences, choose simple-shaped curtains for the kitchen and those that open easily.