This element of furnishing for our houses is not traditional. And he migrated to the interiors of Europeans from palaces, acquired a look corresponding to the status of the owners and remained as a convenient and favorite attribute.
The console table is narrow, when on two, when on four legs, it is attached to the wall and, depending on the functional purpose of the interior, can be supplemented with a mirror or other accessories.

The design solution of console tables is so diverse that it takes your breath away.

There are pretentious mirror duets a la baroque or rococo, and high-tech options in high-tech style, and hard loft design, and cute vintage models with drawers…

I made a small selection on the internet and sorted stylish table items according to their functional purpose.

CONSOLE DESK IN THE HALL can be combined with a wall mirror, put a stable lamp on it, place a housekeeper nearby, a bench under the table top to sit down to change shoes …

Considering that corridors can be narrow or complex, traditional console tables have been transformed by designers into corner structures and even shelves without legs.

CONSOLE TABLE IN THE LIVING ROOM looks great paired with a soft sofa or a corner, and they put a table behind the back of upholstered furniture.

As you can see, here the main function of the console table is to cover the rear nicely 🙂 Don’t like this option? There is another.
When there is plenty of space in the living room and there are free walls or piers between the windows, the “four-legged dude” can also find shelter there.

Figurines, photo frames, compositions with candles, just any installations, as well as lamps and vases look good on the table top of the console table in the living room.

A CONSOLE TABLE IN THE BEDROOM is traditionally a mirror above it and a comfortable pouffe or armchair, sitting on which the hostess can once again be convinced of her irresistibility.

And if such an attribute of the boudoir is already in the spacious dressing room, then the console table is assigned the role of a pedestal for a beautiful lamp, frames, boxes or flowers.

A NARROW TABLE IN THE DINING ROOM serves as a serving table. It always has candlesticks with candles, flowers in a vase, fabric napkins, rings for them and other paraphernalia are waiting in the drawers. The picture above the countertop balances the decor, in harmony with the decor.

AND EVEN IN THE BATHROOM, if there is space, a console table will be appropriate. Where, if not sitting on a soft pouffe at the mirror, arrange bottles and creams to carry out pleasant manipulations after a relaxing immersion in foamy water …

HOLIDAY INSTALLATIONS on the console table is a separate issue.
In winter, the console table can be decorated as a fireplace by hiding the legs under coniferous garlands. And now in front of you is the perfect place for Christmas decor and gifts.
In spring, it turns into an “altar” with Easter compositions, in summer – into a demonstration shelf for beach “trophies”, and in autumn – into an art gallery of craft candlesticks.

Buy a console table – you won’t regret it 🙂

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