New Year and Christmas (who has what traditions) is always a holiday when we all, deep down, hope for a miracle that will change our lives.

And despite the fact that practice proves that we ourselves are this miracle, no one has yet canceled the atmosphere of a fairy tale associated with these holidays.

Of course, the eve of the holiday, like himself, requires an appropriate environment. Creating it is our concern.

Everyone likes winter holidays for their non-everyday brightness, “explosion” of fantasy and emotions. Everyone can create, regardless of their abilities, and therefore there are no rules here – only their own vision and interpretation.

Of course, there are certain trends, but they are only important for designers and those who hire them.

I am for elegance in everything, except for these fabulous days! Therefore, today I will not “be clever” and select the very best and introduce you to all the interesting ideas for decorating New Year’s (and to whom Christmas) interiors.


Like any other attribute of the holiday, it claims to be central to the interior.

But modern trends are moving away from patterns, and the Christmas tree is no exception. More and more people, realizing that this is not only a symbol, but also a wonderful plant, are trying to minimize pre-holiday cuttings as much as possible.

Therefore, more environmentally friendly artificial, wooden ones have found their place in the interiors. Plywood and even metal Christmas trees.

Maybe this is not the same as in childhood, but if beautifully presented, then such a “Christmas tree” will become the central figure of the celebration.


But the methods of interior design for Christmas and New Year have not changed, except that compositions from branches of juniper, arborvitae and spruce were added to the garlands of light bulbs and tinsel. Such decor is more gentle for plants, especially juniper, some varieties of which already need to be cut significantly to give the bush a shape.

Volumetric snowflakes and stars downloaded from sites filled the interiors and even shone thanks to safe LED lamps.


The best way to decorate the interior for the winter holidays is to create a full-fledged installation at one of its points. To do this, you can choose a blank wall, a wall with a window and an open window sill, or just a console table, which also recently received a residence permit in our homes.


It is very difficult to refuse the tradition of freeing the festive table from dishes with food, because we are like this: we love to eat and that’s it. But you can always find a compromise in order to unload the table and place symbols of the holiday on it, so that at the meal you still remember what occasion you have gathered here for.

So that candles and high compositions do not interfere with the meal, it is better to refuse them in favor of the decor of chairs and elegant “paths” across the entire table.

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