The answer to this question is simple: in terms of area – not in any interior, in terms of functionality – a reasonable solution, but for certain needs.

There are many opponents of the presence of a bath in the bedroom, especially among admirers of the traditional interior. Their argument: it will be damp in the bedroom, the sound of flowing water will interfere with the second half, and why such a “perversion” …

Fans of extravagant solutions from such a combination are simply delighted: creative, romantic, “I want the same” …

In fact, the decision to combine a bedroom with a bathroom is purely individual and will suit only a few.

You can understand how convenient this idea is specifically for you by “trying on” one of the following options.

NUANCE: the transfer of the “wet point” to the living room requires additional investment. Its dismantling will cost no less money. If one day the question of housing liquidity arises, there may be problems finding a buyer.


The bathtub in the bedroom looks luxurious and sets you in a romantic mood. Fragrant foam, lit candles, relaxing music – all this is ideal for relaxation or love foreplay… Therefore, it will ideally fit into the atmosphere of a resort hotel.

Why not? The seaside, the blue water pools, the bathroom with a panoramic view are all parts of one dream.

Given the economic nuances and high competition, hoteliers strive to provide their guests with “all 33 pleasures”, so the idea of ​​​​optimizing the area by combining a bath and a bedroom is not new and is very popular.


And what does a married couple living in a happy marriage need? Solitude and the opportunity to be alone in the conditions of living in a house of several generations.

Ideally, if the spouses have their own bathroom, and if the area is limited, but you want a feeling of spaciousness, then an open layout will solve all problems.

And yet I recommend placing the bath itself with washbasins behind a free-standing wall, a sliding partition. A bathroom with a shower is better to isolate in a small but separate room nearby.

I do not recommend making a bedroom combined with a bathroom for couples with different rhythms of life: the already difficult moments of coexistence in one space may be aggravated. But the exit from the bedroom to a separate bathroom is a comfortable option for harmonious rest and sleep.


If we talk about the bathroom, meaning the font itself, then the idea is undoubtedly a good one … provided that the hostess of the bedroom actually likes to take baths.

In this case, a separate bedroom is a purely feminine space and a place for relaxation in every sense of the word. Such a secluded corner where the hostess can hide from family troubles and, immersed in warm water, visit the world of dreams and pleasant sensations.

Such a decision has nothing to do with cooling between spouses, because “there must be some kind of mystery in the Woman …”

This “pleasure” requires a separate room. A room vacated after the move of grown-up children is suitable.

It makes no sense to design a shower and a washbasin in such a bedroom: they have the very place behind the wall, like a common room next to the spouses’ bedrooms.


The supply of communications will require “victims” in the form of a podium to hide the pipes. This is the case when the font was not originally included in the project.

As for the flooring around the “wet area”, water splashes can damage ordinary laminate or parquet. The carpet will readily absorb moisture and be reluctant to give it away, therefore it is also not suitable. Linoleum is too cheap for such a respectable project.

Suitable flooring options are moisture-resistant laminate, thermal wood, ceramic tiles or mosaic

(necessarily with heating).

The discussion about dampness in the bedroom due to a bath with water does not make sense: the water from the font does not evaporate as intensively as when taking a shower. And the procedure itself in practice does not occur every day (the modern rhythm of life affects).

However, in any sleeping room, it will not be superfluous to install a recuperator. The presence of fresh air is the key to healthy sleep.

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