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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our house. Carefully furnished, it becomes a great place not only for cooking, but also for spending warm time with the family. An ideal kitchen is a place where the convenient arrangement of equipment matches your family’s daily habits. So how do you design a kitchen that meets your expectations? Following our carefully prepared tips, you will easily find out which kitchen furniture arrangement is most convenient for you.

Why is it important to properly arrange kitchen furniture?

Proper arrangement of kitchen furniture is the most important condition for those who want to make the most of the space for cooking. If you are looking for functionality and practicality in the room, carefully thought out locations of different furniture will make the kitchen a favorite place in the house. Of course, the space that meets your habits and wishes depends not only on the arrangement of the furniture, but also on its height and other details that help you enjoy your beloved kitchen safely and comfortably.

Ways of arranging kitchen furniture

If you are lost in the abundance of advice and do not know which way of arranging kitchen furniture is the most convenient, do not worry – we will introduce you to the key rules and relevant information that will allow you to set up the space of your dreams.

The triangle rule

When looking for ways to choose the most suitable way of arranging kitchen furniture, pay attention to the triangle rule. She claims that the most important appliances are sinks, stoves and refrigerators – must be installed close to each other, based on the shape of a triangle. The ideal distance between these kitchen accents is about 2 meters. Such an arrangement will allow you to move comfortably, safely and efficiently in the kitchen.

„L“ shape

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The L-shaped kitchen is perhaps the most popular way to base the arrangement of kitchen furniture. This method is perfect for equipping both small and large kitchens. The corner layout allows easy access to all the key elements of the kitchen, so you will prepare food not only more comfortably, but also faster. An L-shaped kitchen will easily accommodate both a wide oven and a matching oven built-in hood. Also, you can easily match this kitchen with a spacious dining table – so you can keep your guests busy even while cooking. If you are looking for a versatile way to arrange your furniture, this option is for you.

„I“ forma

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If you plan to arrange the kitchen furniture against the wall of the room, it will be easier if you take into account the “I” shape. This model is perfect for smaller apartments and lofts, whose compact space does not allow for expansion. Those who have chosen this form are advised to install the washing machine between the refrigerator and the stove – this way you will have enough space for cooking tasks. Wider countertops would also create more space for cooking.

And for those looking for kitchen furniture suitable for this shape, we advise you to pay attention to kitchen furniture for small spaces. For example, loft residents will really like modern microwave ovens or mini ovens.

„I I“ forma

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Form “II” is a parallel arrangement of kitchen furniture along two walls. Many interior designers claim that such a kitchen is extremely convenient and easy to equip. The parallelepiped shape doesn’t take up much space and requires less material, so this layout is perfect for first-timers on a tight budget. By choosing this form, you can install cabinets with narrower table tops, on which smaller household appliances will perfectly fit, for example microwave ovens. Follow the golden rule of the triangle when planning a II-shaped kitchen – you’ll never ask for it.

“U” shape

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A kitchen of this shape is a space in which furniture is arranged along three adjacent walls. Such a model works well in larger homes and allows several chefs to quickly rotate in the kitchen at the same time. Also, this kitchen will perfectly accommodate additional countertops. However, pay attention to the fact that when cabinets are installed in a U-shaped kitchen, they can visually reduce the space. In this case, leave one or two walls without cabinets.

„G“ forma

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The “G” shape is an extended “U” kitchen model. This kitchen consists of three filled walls and a peninsula, which together form a shape resembling the letter “G”. A functional bar increases the practicality of the kitchen and is perfect for cooking. In addition, the location on the peninsula will make great use of large household appliances, such as built-in dishwasher. Such a cooking space is perfect for newcomers who have a lot of space at home.

What to consider when installing a kitchen?

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No one will deny that the arrangement of kitchen furniture is a very important thing when planning the interior of your dream home. However, there are some important details that are also useful to know.

Kitchen style

The design of the cooking space is a key thing that new-builders need to consider first. Since the kitchen is one of the essential parts of everyday life, carefully consider what expectations you place on this space. Also, take into account your wishes and interests – in this way, choosing a kitchen style will not become a difficult task.

Traditional style kitchen

Many people planning their dream home think that traditional style equals old fashioned. In fact, traditions are timeless – white tiles, cabinets with glass doors, polished wooden floors and other time-tested design solutions create a sense of cleanliness and coziness. To maintain the traditional style and combine it with a modern aesthetic, choose appliances with a unique design.

Modern style kitchen

The modern kitchen is minimalistic, but with artistic elements. It is a mixture of old and new times, which you can achieve by paying attention to materials and colors. It is not difficult to plan a kitchen in a modern style – even shiny surfaces and a plate of bright, citrus fruits will help to create an eye-catching contrast. However, maintaining a balance between colors and shapes can be difficult, so it is always recommended to consult with an experienced interior designer.

Mediterranean style cuisine

The spaces of this design reflect the beauty of ancient Greek culture and art. Bright colors combined with warm earth tones and original textures are all you need for a Mediterranean style kitchen. High-quality wooden surfaces and transparent glass cabinets will create the impression of a unique kitchen.

Industrial style kitchen

The popular industrial style is characterized by strict details of concrete, metal and wood. Compact arrangement of kitchen furniture, neutral colors and darker lighting are best revealed in homes with more natural light. Despite the fact that the industrial style kitchen is dominated by dark shades, this space can become a comfortable and cozy place for cooking.

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Kitchen colors

The colors of the cooking space, like the arrangement of the kitchen furniture, is a very important aspect to consider when furnishing a new home. You can easily choose the shades you like by following these tips:

  • Learn about color theory. Choose tonal, harmonious or complementary colors. In the first case, the chosen main color will dominate the entire kitchen, in the second, the colors will create an impression of harmony, and in the third, you will create a bold contrast.
  • Pay attention to the size of the space and the lighting. Choose light shades for a small kitchen, and you can combine darker tones in a spacious room.
  • Match the colors with the style of the kitchen. If you have thought out the style of the kitchen, it can dictate the color palette. Choose light tones when planning a traditional kitchen, and bright, playful colors for a modern one.

Kitchen lighting

Adequate space lighting is one of the key parts of kitchen design. The smartest solution is to install functional lighting above the worktops, which are important for cooking and a uniform light source in the dining room. Please note that desk lighting requires more intense light than the source in the dining room.

Kitchen appliances

Modern household appliances also contribute to the design of the kitchen. When choosing kitchen appliances, consider your budget, needs and interior. Pay attention to a quality stove, oven, hood and refrigerator. Also, prioritize plumbing fixtures like sinks. By purchasing a stainless steel or granite stone mass sink, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time.

What mistakes to avoid when planning your dream kitchen?

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In order to be able to install the kitchen of your dreams, it is important to pay attention to the most common mistakes made by newcomers. First of all, the joy of construction can be disrupted by an inaccurately planned budget. Inappropriate arrangement of kitchen furniture and poor lighting in the room can also upset you. In addition, low-quality household appliances and poorly selected materials can also have unpleasant consequences. However, there is no need to worry – you can avoid these mistakes by being attentive and consulting with specialists.

The kitchen is one of the most important corners of the house. We hope that our prepared tips have helped you to find out which kitchen furniture arrangement is most convenient for you. And you can always decorate the design of the space with the kitchen furniture available on our website.