As Christmas approaches inexorably, we all enjoy the festive aura, take care of the presents and wait for that magical Christmas night. And as you know, getting ready doesn’t just consist of buying gifts – decorations are even more important.

Christmas decorations are part of what creates that special mood that we look forward to all year long. Try to imagine a home without a Christmas tree, music and holiday movies. When preparing for Christmas, we pay the least attention to the decorations, but we enjoy them the most.

So, what decorations should you choose this year? How to decorate the house and welcome the holidays with a great mood?
Christmas starts with putting up and decorating the tree, but it doesn’t have to stop there. We have compiled a short list of unique decorations that will bring a whole new festive warmth to your home.


Lithuania is not very talkative when the language starts to turn towards snow. We’ve had a lot of Christmases without snow, but it’s never spoiled the festive spirit, has it?
Have you ever thought about artificial snow? Of course, you won’t spray it in the yard, but we are talking about decorations at home. For example, spraying fir branches, Christmas toys or even candles.
It may seem like a small thing, but the end result looks really amazing – like a strong frosting.
It is true that snow can be not only sprayed, but also poured – in this case, you will be able to unleash your imagination in various corners of the house. Little Santa Claus standing in “snow” covered tinsel, or candles placed in artificial snow.

Unusual Christmas decorations

A few decades ago, it was popular to decorate Christmas trees with colorful toys and other ornaments. Over time, minimalism became established in Christmas decorations – Christmas trees are decorated with single-colored toys, and all other decorations are also rarely multi-colored.

However, we have a way to get back the unusual and somewhat more diverse Christmas aura without going back to outdated decorations.
Instead of ordinary, monochromatic toys, look for slightly different, decorated, unique toys. Each of them is not only suitable for a different type of interior, but also provides ideas for other accessories, which are really difficult to choose.

Fear not, you won’t need to buy any candles for the candlesticks we’re talking about. The candlesticks we offer are electric – they look like the real thing, but instead of a flame, there is a bulb.

Many modern garlands and all kinds of other electronic devices are equipped with LED bulbs. The candlesticks are equipped with simple bulbs that create a natural, warm light – just like real candles.
A decorative candlestick will nobly decorate your dining table, windowsill or chest of drawers in the living room.

When it comes to various decorations with lights, many are skeptical. Perhaps this attitude is still left over from the Soviet era. Back then, Christmas decorations were not a very broad field, and the products in that field were certainly not the most tasteful.

Well, let’s go back to today’s holidays and talk about what you could choose from decorations with lighting.
We’ve already highlighted candlesticks and even created a separate section for them, but there are plenty of other gadgets worth noting. For example, a small decorative house with the inscription “BAKERY” on it is illuminated with LED lights. Or a meter-high “tree” with all its branches in bloom, only instead of flowers it is a cold, white-blue color – a really impressive and attention-grabbing decoration!
Everyone loves Christmas lights, so why not fill your home with them?

Although candles are not always in the Christmas decorations department, they are essential during the Christmas season. Let’s face it – no amount of LED bulbs can replace the light and warmth of a real candle.

Are you wondering which candle to choose?
Well, to be honest, it’s quite difficult to give a general answer. There are countless different candle scents to choose from. Choose a scent that matches your holiday mood – mint, cherry, lavender, sea, even wood. If scented candles don’t appeal to you, then pay attention to decorative candles – you’ll be surprised at what extraordinary textures can be given to an ordinary candle.

Don’t forget too

In the list above, we mentioned decorations that will strongly evoke the Christmas spirit, but not everyone appreciates it. However, traditions cannot be forgotten either.
For example, handmade Christmas decorations – why not? You can always pick up spruce branches and braid them for decoration – they will look wonderful next to the fireplace, above the door or on the window sills.
Also pay attention to cute details like hanging Christmas stockings or red and white striped candy canes – some people can’t imagine their Christmas without them!
By the way, are you one of those people who hang wreaths on their doors during the Christmas season? And have you ever considered hanging two wreaths? No, it really won’t be too much – the overall picture is even more charming. Well, if you haven’t tried hanging wreaths – why not give this tradition a start this year?


We often hear that gifts are not the most important thing at Christmas, that the most important thing is the Christmas spirit, mood and warm communication with each other.
Yes, that’s true, but have you thought about what creates all that warm travel through December? Christmas decorations are of great importance. If you are not convinced of this, then imagine if there was no Christmas tree in the house, there were no colorful lights in the house or in the city, and we would not see a single Santa Claus on the TV screens and
Christmas movie.
As you may have guessed, Christmas decorations are what create most of the joy at Christmas.
Cozy and warm holidays to you!