one Surround with decor in the same style

If there is no need for additional storage space around the bed, then you can safely switch to decor. The bedroom is a quiet area, and therefore it is better to decorate the space with restraint.

In this interior, the range was chosen ...
Instagram @mumsy_home

In this interior, they chose a successful range – neutral, but warm, cozy. Different points were involved: a slab cabinet with a neat decor, a composition of posters above the headboard, a bench with candles. This arrangement of elements makes the sleeping area beautiful and thoughtful.

2 Ditch bedside tables and put up funny posters

Often in spacious rooms where different furniture could fit, the choice, on the contrary, falls to enhance the feeling of freedom. Also here – even bedside tables were abandoned, they do not “clamp” the bed, as if pushing the space in breadth.

However, details are still needed...
Instagram @villa_pocket

However, the details are still needed. A stool with a large plant was placed next to the sleeping place, and two funny posters without frames were hung on top. There is nothing else around, the bench at the foot was also abandoned.

3 Surround with open storage

Open storage allows you to mix decorative and practical. In the interior of this small room, the bed was surrounded by several elements at once.

Above the bed is a narrow shelf with...
Instagram @italianinteriorboho

Above the bed there is a narrow shelf with decor, next to it is a cabinet, and the wall on the side is decorated with another shelf and a rack made of raw wood. It stores jewelry boxes, an alarm clock, bags. If you wish, you can also use such a rack for clothes – for example, keep home kits here. These small pieces of furniture bring the space together, make the bed something more than just a “bed + nightstand”.

four Put up a minimalist cabinet and leave the wall empty

Sometimes simplicity is the best solution. If you are not a fan of lavish decor, then the bedroom is exactly the place where you can refuse it.

Follow the example of the mistress of this &...
Instagram @gaiapiccolo

Follow the example of the mistress of this room. On the side, there is traditionally a small cabinet with open and closed compartments, and only a small vase adorns its surface. The wall above the bed is completely empty, even the sconces did not occupy it – they chose a pendant lamp. But keep in mind that with such a design of the space, the focus will shift to textiles – you need to choose something in the same minimalist spirit, but of high quality and stylish.

5 Decorate the wall with contrast and put some plants

There are several interesting tricks in the bedroom in the photo. Firstly, the rejection of the usual pedestals, but replacing them with plants on low stands.

Secondly, the decoration of a part of the wall...
Instagram @kimlisea

Secondly, finishing the part of the wall behind the bed with a contrasting color and moldings. By the way, this is often done, if there is no independent headboard – it looks interesting! Thirdly, the carpet, half of which goes under the bed – this helps to “soften” the sleeping area and combine it with the rest of the room.

6 Arrange flowers everywhere

We have already seen that plants look great in the bedroom, but the owners of the room in the photo knew this from the very beginning – and surrounded their sleeping place with a home jungle.

Medium-sized flowers are worth p&...
Instagram @wingardium.levanessa

Medium-sized flowers stand on both sides of the bed: both on the floor and on stands. A wide headboard with a shelf made it possible to arrange small specimens there, and the parallelism creates a shelf at the top – also with plants, of course. The atmosphere is diluted with small posters in frames, a garland, and other decor.

7 Use some seasoned decor in free space

When decorating a place near the bed, you can not traditionally concentrate on creating a warm and textured cosiness, but on the contrary, create something sketchy and artistic. In the large bright bedroom, the photo was inspired by simple shapes and bright colors – it turned out minimalistic, but juicy.

large geometric poster
Instagram @pippilottaaushamburg

A large geometric poster above the bed with clear shapes and straight lines echoes the cube bedside table and a simple chest of drawers. Saturated pink color is dosed on a gray-white background. A ceiling lamp in the form of a ball completes the overall picture. They did not lay a large carpet, as in one of the previous examples, but chose a small jute model – like a chandelier, round.

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