one Spacious walk-in closet with plenty of storage space and charming décor

The universal color white was chosen as the palette for this room. Cabinet furniture was also matched to the tone of the finish. A gray velor armchair, a beige cosmetic table and open rows with clothes add a slight variety to the range. The storage system for small items is ideally thought out here: accessories and jewelry are stacked on special stands in narrow drawers, hats are conveniently located at the top and do not wrinkle. Thanks to a light warm palette, the space looks airy and light, and an unobtrusive decor gives it a romantic mood: a couple of artificial branches in glass vases and a stylish laconic poster.

2 Dark blue dressing room with a bright pouffe

It is difficult to call the interior of this dressing room traditional – after all, the choice of a dark intense shade as the main one is not typical for small spaces. However, rich blue does not spoil this room, but, on the contrary, makes it nobler and more interesting. The round pouffe is decorated with a carriage screed and made in a delicate peach shade, contrasting with the main palette of the interior. The storage itself is represented by several solutions: there are open shelves, drawers and sections with a bar for clothes on hangers. Shoes are stored on the lowest tier without boxes.

3 Compact walk-in closet with everything you need

In a small two-room apartment next to the bedroom, we managed to organize a compact, but quite spacious dressing room. The frosted glass door makes the space lighter, but at the same time not visible. The white color in the wall decoration and the black frame of the wardrobe system look interesting together. The bet here is made on open storage – in compartments with a bar (quite high and spacious even for coats and dresses) and on ordinary shelves.

four Narrow but comfortable dressing room with space for ironing

Despite the fact that the space for storing things in this apartment is quite small, here it was possible to equip not only a dressing room, but also fit an ironing board in it. This became possible thanks to the folding mechanism – when not needed, the board is removed and frees up space. Nearby is organized storage of household items, including the iron itself. The rest of the space is reserved for clothes. Shelves, rods, drawers, baskets and special trouser racks allow you to ergonomically place things of different types.

5 Laconic dressing room with unexpected storage

The interior of this dressing room is simple and without unnecessary details. There is not much storage here, just a couple of roof rails, one of which is located in a rather unexpected place – in a sloping niche in the wall. Thanks to its use, it was possible to arrange a fairly light and spacious interior, despite the open storage of clothes and shoes. As is often the case, the dressing area is complemented by a dressing table and a mirror.

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