What mistakes are made when designing a workspace at home? Told in video

one Computer screen in front of a window

One of the most unfortunate places for a desk is the wall opposite the window. The screen of a laptop or desktop computer will glare, and colors will be perceived distorted. In addition, with this arrangement, it is inconvenient to take written notes, since you will block the flow of daylight with your back.

How to do better

The best place for a desktop is on the side of a window or in front of it. So the surface will be well lit, and you do not have to strain to see the images on the screen. If you decide to sit right in front of the window, and it faces the sunny side, do not forget about the curtains. For the best effect, you can use blackout fabric, which completely blocks the light.


2 Small and low table

In conditions of a limited area, the natural desire is to take up as little space as possible with furniture. To do this, many people buy a miniature or too low table, on which you can only put a laptop, and sitting is uncomfortable, even if you cross your legs. It is impossible to work in such conditions, so at some point you will have to move to a more comfortable and spacious table: for example, a dining table.

How to do better

If you’re studying or working from home, don’t go for compactness at the expense of convenience. The minimum comfortable tabletop size is 100 by 60 cm. Suitable height for an adult is from 70 cm.


3 The pursuit of aesthetics

There are two types of photos often found on the Internet with beautiful but impractical home office solutions:

How to do better

Leave the countertop almost empty, and put everything you need to work in cabinets with drawers. For books, you can hang several shelves above the workplace or select a small open shelving unit.


four Proximity to frequently used areas

For productive work, you need at least minimal privacy and the absence of distractions. Therefore, when choosing a place for a desk, avoid areas that are most often used by households: TV, bed, dining group, play space.

How to do better

If you don’t have a separate office, it’s great to sit where others are also doing something in silence. So, the work area goes well with a place for reading or hobbies. You can put two tables in one room and work where, for example, another family member is studying.


5 Close to battery or air conditioner

To stay in one place for hours and feel good, avoid proximity to the central heating radiator and air conditioner. Otherwise, a number of inconveniences await you: watery eyes from dry air, headache due to stuffiness, the risk of blowing your neck in a draft.

How to do better

Ideally, the table should be at least 2-3 meters from the battery or air conditioner. If this is not possible, mitigate their negative effect. From dry air, compact desktop humidifiers will help, from stuffiness – regular ventilation, and from a draft – the mode of operation of the air conditioner, in which cold air is directed strictly down.


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