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The kitchen is probably the most important room in every house, so how to arrange the kitchen is one of the most important questions when installing a new or renovating an old house.

It doesn’t matter what size the kitchen in the house is, whether it is separate or connected to the dining room or another room, we all like to eat. As a result, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. After all, whether we want a light snack or a full three-course dinner, it can probably be said that all roads lead not to Rome, but to the home kitchen, and often, once the road leads there, the stay is not short.

After all, you passed the kitchen more than once for tea, and later realized that you also want pancakes with your tea, and these would be even better with a fresh, tastier sauce.

It’s the same with cooking – although sometimes dinner can be made in a few minutes, you want to treat yourself or your loved ones at least occasionally to a special dish, the preparation of which can remind you not of cooking, but of a project, and after all, then we spend hours in the kitchen with pots, bowls and pans , perfecting the dish.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the interior of the kitchen – as the main St. For a Christmas meal. To make it easier for you to set up your home kitchen, we have collected 10 tips that will make your kitchen, if not perfect, close to it, and encourage you to cook.

After all, otherwise we eat semi-finished products, which are really not as tasty as food made according to personal preferences.

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1. Style

When choosing a kitchen interior style, first of all think about what style of kitchen appeals to you the most, and how to arrange a kitchen that will be the most comfortable and pleasing to your eyes.

Each interior style is designed for a different type of personality, so choose the one that reflects you the most. Of course, one should not forget that the style of the kitchen interior should match the prevailing interior of the house. After all, you usually don’t want one room to stand out from all the others.

The main and most frequently discussed interior styles are:

  • Modern – modern and innovative interior style, distinguished by the fact that everything is based on monochromatic color palettes and modern technologies. The latest small kitchen appliances and household appliances are hidden in such a kitchen, so refrigerators that offer the latest technology or other appliances that harmonize with the colors in the environment are most suitable for this interior style.
  • Scandinavian – now extremely popular bright interior style that came from Scandinavia. This type of style is “clean”, extremely bright, you will often find a lot of white in it and you will rarely come across bright shades. The color palette is natural, a lot of natural, earth colors, the whole palette seems to be extinguished. If your answer to the question of how to arrange a kitchen is “The most important thing is light”, this style is definitely for you.
  • Retro – this style is often chosen by those who like more colors and want to replicate the style seen a few decades ago – devices will have more rounded corners, ovens the top will no longer be a modern hob, but four separate hotplates. Retro interior style – lively, colorful and dynamic.
  • Classic – elegant style when choosing to use timeless interior details that will look great in a year or ten. The elegance and harmony characteristic of this style creates an impression of luxury, the most important thing is not to overload the kitchen interior with a lot of heavy classic style details, but to choose those that will beautifully and harmoniously fit into the overall picture.
  • Eclectic – a mixture of different interior styles in one interior, when different details suitable for different interiors are combined and seem incompatible with each other. If you don’t know how to arrange a kitchen following one interior style, this style is for you. Combine the mismatched and you will surprise your guests with how modern chairs go with a classic table, or a new modern microwave oven with a seventies-style toaster.

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2. Colors in the kitchen

You’ve chosen the style, it’s time to choose the colors. Although the chosen interior style influences the color palette, it does not ultimately decide it. What colors to choose for the kitchen?

Perhaps the best is light, but we advise you to keep in mind that in the kitchen we often come across extremely greasy and difficult to clean products. Therefore, when choosing colors for the kitchen, think about whether they will highlight an indelible stain, or just “hide” it.

Light brown shades and their patterns are perfect for this.

3. Furniture

When choosing furniture materials, choose ones that are not afraid of water or stains.

For countertops, it is best to choose materials that are easy to clean, such as stone, and the furniture or shelves themselves should be of high quality and made of materials that will not be damaged easily when exposed to moisture or temperature changes.

4. The floor

It is best to choose smooth tiles for the floor, because they are easy to clean, stains will not be absorbed quickly, and since they are not afraid of moisture, the chances of damage are small.

However, when choosing tiles, it is extremely important not to choose a light-colored filler for the gaps – these tend to accumulate dirt, so if they are too light, you will have to waste a lot of time trying to maintain the original color, or you will have to put up with a floor that will not look completely clean.

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5. Household appliances

When choosing appliances for your kitchen, consider your needs. Household appliances such as a refrigerator, hood and hob are essential in every kitchen. Why choose other devices?

  • Freezer – if you have a garden, hunt or like to prepare food in advance, a freezer next to the refrigerator will be very useful for you, which will hold berries grown in the garden or meat of animals hunted in the forest.
  • Oven – although you’ll find it in most kitchens, not everyone likes to cook in the oven. So if you don’t use it, it’s better to install a microwave oven in the kitchen instead.
  • Dishwasher – if a group of friends often gathers at home, and perhaps the family itself is larger, it is definitely worth buying a dishwasher that will save you time. In addition, in a dishwasher, dishes are washed with much hotter water, so dirt and bacteria are better removed.

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6. Small household appliances and tools

What appliances are absolutely necessary in every kitchen?

  • Kettle coffee and tea;
  • Beater for pancakes or other baked goods.

What appliances should you consider when installing a new kitchen?

  • Juicer – for healthy mornings with fresh juice;
  • Eraser – for smoothies or pureed soups;
  • Food processors – a device that will facilitate confectionery;
  • Casserole – for those who like stews;
  • Microwave oven – when you want warm food, but you don’t want to sit by the pots for a long time.

Arrange appliances and kitchen tools openly – hang special holders for spices, pots, pans and ladles, and arrange all kitchen appliances in such a way that they are easily accessible as soon as you need them.

7. Kitchen island

The kitchen island is a great choice for those who like to cook. This is a tabletop in the middle of the kitchen, which is not only very convenient for cooking, but also allows you to create a cozy atmosphere when all family members sit around and cook together.

In the islands, we advise you to install a sink and place higher chairs next to it, otherwise known as bar or semi-bar chairs.

8. Lighting

The kitchen needs quality lighting. It not only creates a cozy environment, but also contributes to the comfort of cooking.

When equipping the kitchen, the rule is brighter is cozier, so do not skimp on lighting in the kitchen – install LED strips above the work table, make sure that there are no missing lamps on the ceiling, and even in the dark evenings you can see everything as clearly and brightly as during the day.

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9. Space layout

Kitchens are usually L- or U-shaped. The L-shaped layout is perfect for those who want a kitchen island when the kitchen is not very large.

These layouts are the most convenient. By applying the triangle rule, when the main points – stove, refrigerator and sink – form a triangle, the sides of which are as short as possible. It is recommended that the sides be 1.5 – 2.4 meters long.

10. Space saving

If you have a small kitchen, saving space is extremely important. It is worth buying built-in household appliances, installing cabinets and shelves up to the ceiling.

A very good idea is to install shelves on the inside of the cabinet doors that will hold spices or other products. When you open the cabinet, you will take conveniently placed products and save space.

Divide the kitchen into zones and arrange appliances and furniture according to them, this will help create a comfortable and functional kitchen environment.

These tips should help you create a kitchen that pleases you with functionality and aesthetics. Choose the style you like best and the shapes, furniture and household appliances that match your cooking style.

The most important thing when thinking about how to arrange a kitchen is to focus on personal needs, and not to look for what is currently the most popular or what friends or neighbors like. You will use the kitchen mostly by yourself, so it should be a reflection of your inner chef or pastry chef.

Fashions and “trends” are constantly changing, so it’s not worth following them blindly. Although, of course, it is possible to find inspiration or benefit in them, it is not worth completely ignoring what is popular either – after all, the fact that many people like something can mean that it is really of high quality.